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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Dragons Made Me Do It

Well, I told you I have a major writing project in the works, but I never told you anything about that project. I think it's past time to rectify that.

To start with, my book is an epic fantasy. Now, look away from the Lord of the Rings flashbacks you just saw: my book is different. For one, my main character is a girl, named Mira (Rosmira, but Mira for short), and she found a very special item that gave her the ability to copy other creature's powers. With this item, she must fight a terrifying army of creatures known as the Nightmares. The Nightmares are a shape-shifting race, who are not only able to replicate the exact shape and look of any creature they copy (requires physical contact), but also their memories, emotions, and both their learned and natural abilities.

Oh, and did I mention the romance between Mira and one very gorgeous dragon, plus an elf competing for her attention? Then, there's the giant wolf-like creature who is incredibly loyal to Mira, a jealous elven maiden who hates her, and an elf who hates humans in general and Mira in particular. With all of that in the mix, you're sure to have a really crazy story.

Sound weird? I'd really like to know what everyone out there thinks of the idea. Is it awful? Does it sound interesting to you? Would you want to read more? Would you put this book back on its shelf? Please comment with what you think. I'd really appreciate your view, even if it is extremely negative.

If you're wondering why I had to write this story, well, I fell in love with the main character, the setting, the dragon and his culture, and the whole idea. It's just so...enrapturing. This story demanded to be written, and I just went along with the ride. Though, you know, I haven't actually finished writing it yet. I suppose you can say the ride isn't over yet.

One thing to make clear from the get-go: this is the first book of a six-book series. Now, I'd like to hear everyone's opinion about that, too. Is that too many books, you think? Are you sick of reading series? There have been an awful lot on the market, especially in the fantasy genre. Or do you think that is just the perfect amount? Do you like reading series? Again, I really want to know what you think.

Love to hear your opinions! Please comment and I'll talk to you later. Have a great day everyone, and happy reading!


  1. I would definitely read something like that. :) Will come back for an update! Best of luck!

  2. You gotta write this book! It's filled with everything I love to read about! I'm curious, what's the target audience though? Like, would you put it in the same category as Eragon or Game of Thrones? Either way, I'm sure it'll be great. And six books is fine in my opinion. That way you're not rushing to fit everything in and you can develop the plot and your characters more :)

  3. @Miss Kitty Thanks so much for the comment. I hope the book turns out good. I really want it to be as good as I feel it has the potential to be.

    Thank you so much for the vote of confidence, though, and the great comment!

    @Hazel Yes, I absolutely have to write this book. It won't leave me alone until I do. My target audience is YA (the main character has to be 16 because it's a major plot point, so it was sort of the default), but I hope to appeal to some adult audiences as well.

    This book probably has more in common with Eragon, Tamora Pierce's Tortall books, and Lord of the Rings then Game of Thrones (probably because I've never read Game of Thrones).

    Thank you so very, very much for the wonderful encouragement! It makes it easier to write more for this book. I really appreciate that help!

    Yeah, no rush. At least, not until the final book. I have so many plot points to get in that book, I don't know how I'll manage to do it. But I'll have plenty of time to develop LOTS of characters.

    Thanks to you both for your support and beautiful comments! Have a great day!

  4. That's cool because the Eragon series is one of my favourites! I've never read Game of Thrones either but just used it as an example of an adult fantasy series lol I wish you all the best with this and thank you for following my blog :)

  5. I think your book sounds like a great idea, and I have no problem reading YA books (I also love Eragon!) OR series-I like how attached I get to the characters over that span. Good luck!

  6. @Hazel Lol. I love the Eragon series, too! No problem! I'm glad to follow your blog, it's fun!

    @ylanthe Oh, thank you! I'm so glad you think it sounds good! All these votes of confidence are really helping, so I dearly appreciate it!