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Monday, October 10, 2011

Best Friend's Boyfriend

Okay. So last post I announced I was still alive (YAY!), but very sick. I'm glad to be able to tell you that I am getting better, finally, and that life has been semi-calm for the last few days. I'm very excited about this fact, as my life has been more crazy in the last month and a half than it had been in over a year before that. Love triangles, depression, loss of some close friends, stressful family issues, sickness, etc.

But I felt bad the entire time. I knew that Kathy S had an issue, one that I dearly wished to address. I'm so sorry I haven't done so before now. Just so you know, Kathy, I was in a very similar situation once. My best friend and I had a crush on the same boy in high school. He decided to date her, and seduce me. He would hold her in his arms and stare at me for hours. He even asked me what I would do if he kissed me. I told him the truth: I'd run crying to my best friend, explaining what happened.

He was pissed over that, and didn't try anything then. But it was a bad situation. It resolved itself, eventually, with a very bad scene in the end. Fortunately, I walked away relatively unscathed, though I had to get a new best friend, love interest, and school. Oh, well. It worked out for the best.

So, Kathy, I do understand a lot of what you're going through. It's very difficult to do, but starting over with new (preferably more loyal) friends is usually better for you in the long run.

Here's a video for you to enjoy. I dedicated it to my best friend's boyfriend all those years ago already, but you can dedicate it to your own villain-of-choice. ;)

I hope you enjoyed that! Have a great day everyone, and I promise to get back on here and discuss writing soon.


  1. Thanks for sharing. It means a lot to me that you've been thinking about me even with everything going on in your own life. And I'm glad you're feeling better!

  2. That's a pretty bad situation to find yourself in. It's a shame you seem to have lost your friend over it too, but you also recognise things turned out okay in the end, so all's well that ends...well, well.