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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Sweet Smell of Success!

 So, I did it. I turned off the internet and wrote over 3000 words yesterday and today. And it felt GOOOOOOOD!

I'm so happy to have done it! I accomplished what I set out to do. Okay, so only two days are done and there are twenty-eight left (it's so depressing when I say that), but I did it for two days! I am officially 6000 words richer than I was just yesterday when I posted on this blog. So, no matter what happens in the future, I have still come out the better for this exercise.

And let me tell you, to successfully finish something important is the biggest high ever. I feel like I could run a marathon right now. I'm skipping, I'm twirling, I'm happier than I've felt since I was knee-deep in my book two months ago and loving it.

I have to say, I think this idea rates among the best I've ever made. Even if I don't finish the book by the end of the month (which I still am going to try to do), this has made me love my work again, and that is no small fete!

The challenge feels exhilarating, to say the least! So my (unasked for) advice of the day is: if you're having an attack of the doldrums, can't seem to discover that inner spark that you had just a little while ago, challenge yourself with the almost impossible and watch yourself blossom with success. It worked for me (so far).

I've come up with a work strategy to help me write every day. I start by setting up an area on a desk of some sort for my laptop to sit on with the notebooks I've made outlining my idea nearby, preferably open. I have to pull up a comfortable chair with some sort of pillow to keep me nice and relaxed. Then, I play light classical music in the background, to help me think and drown out the distractions of the world around me (they say classical music improves your brain function, and after much experimentation of my own, I believe it). After that, I shut off the internet and pull up my book on the computer. While I work, the urge to pull the internet back up to look up some fact or do some research on some moment in the book overtakes me at least once or twice. But I persevere and refuse to allow the treacherous heart to lead me unto temptation.

I'm sorry if I sound all braggy. But I'm just so excited! Do you know how many personal goals I've set and failed? And, so far, I've done what I set out to do on this one, and the success has me feeling like I could fly!

Well, thanks to all my readers for tuning in for another installment. Sorry it came so late in the day, but I wanted to get my 3000 words done for the day first.

Here's some questions for all my readers: Have you ever set a challenging goal for yourself and found yourself exhilarated by the work? Have you ever set a challenging goal for yourself and failed miserably? Did that make you feel depressed (it has me)? What kind of challenge would you relish in your life right now?

Here's a video that had me dying laughing the first time I watched it. I could NOT get over this chair! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

And, to finish, the writing quote of the day:

A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the other one.  ~Baltasar Gracián


  1. Sounds like your days have been pretty productive! Great job!

    I'm glad you are blogging about it too... this makes you a little more accountable for it. Accountable to perfect strangers... haha... but accountable nonetheless.

    Have a great day!

  2. @Waiting Thank you! Yeah, I feel productive. Now, if I can only keep up the momentum...

    I thought it might help. Personal deadlines so rarely get finished for me. But if I tell someone else or have someone else pushing me to finish, I'm much more likely to see it through.

    Of course, I'm also likely to sink into a depression and be upset if I don't succeed. So, if I don't log on for a few days, you might want to send me a few encouraging emails...

    I hope you have a wonderful day, too, and thanks for commenting!

  3. Yay!! Congratulations! Now go celebrate your victory.. hehe.. :)

    Have you ever set a challenging goal for yourself and found yourself exhilarated by the work? --> Yes.

    Have you ever set a challenging goal for yourself and failed miserably? --> Oh yeah. Totally bummer.

    What kind of challenge would you relish in your life right now? --> I don't know.. not sure yet. Hmm.. Maybe challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone.. hmm.. ah, never mind me. I'm a pretty complicated gal. LOL.

  4. @Leah Lol. Yeah, I'm throwing a party right now (well, actually, I'm cleaning the house...Yippee.).

    Thanks for answering my questions! And for commenting! I really appreciate it! Have a great day, and hope you feel challenged!

  5. Aww congrats on reaching your targets! What's great is that now you know that you can do it and that will push you on to continue doing it!

    I remember one time my tutor didn't tell us we had to do these assignments over Christmas and when we all came back she said we had that weekend to do them before the deadline. It was 6 huge assignments!!! I did what you did - didn't go on the internet, stayed down my room and slowly but surely I made my way through them. It was tough going but I was so pleased when I got them done! Went back into college the following Monday and no one else had them done and she extended the deadline! I. Was. Raging! Knowing that I didn't have any work to do was of little comfort to me lol.

  6. @Hazel Thank you! I'm so glad to have managed it! Yeah, I hope I'll keep up the good work and not let my dreams fall to dust.

    Ooo, that would make me so angry, too! I would expect extra credit on the assignment or some kind of free pass on future homework if I did it by the original time and she extended it like that.

    Thanks for the great comment! Talk to ya later!